"Themis - Lady of Justice"
oil on canvas 108" X 66" (274cm x 168cm ) 
-sold to Singapore-

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PLEASE NOTE:  This painting, "THEMIS -the  LADY OF JUSTICE"  attracted quite a lot of attention when it was first finished and offered for sale.  
The artist was especially fond of it.  A bidder from Singapore offered $27,000 US, and he accepted. 

It turned out that the bidder was a cheat, and used stolen credit cards to pay for the painting, and used an U.S. governmental mailing address overseas.  
The painting has disappeared and the criminal bidder can't be located.  The artist was especially fond of this painting, and wants it to remain part of his life's work.
So, he is now recreating it.  
The first painting has been reported as stolen and, if it ever appears again in public, he will report it and attempt to have it confiscated and destroyed.  
If you have seen this painting, please let us know.  
As a practical matter, the new painting should be considered a one-of-a-kind original.  The stolen painting is pictured in the http://www.coolon.net/17  photograph.
 It portrays judges and attorneys of Sullivan County of New York State.  
The new painting is now a work in progress, to be finished soon.  The artist will update photographs for this listing as his work continues.
You may bid on this painting now.  
If you have any questions, please contact the ; coolon@coolon.ney